Early Learning

We are excited to announce that we are offering early learning for ages 3-5 with locations across the valley!


Operating in Avon on Tuesday & Thursday mornings by Cache Valley Forest School.

Lead Teacher: Christina McDowell


Operating in Logan & Providence on Tuesday & Thursday afternoons by Sapling Outdoor Preschool.

Lead Teacher: Rachel Cox


Potentially offering classes in Smithfield on Monday & Wednesday afternoons by Sapling Outdoor Preschool.

Lead Teacher Rachel Cox

A Symbiotic Relationship

Cache Valley Forest School is offering early learning classes in Avon and is partnering with Saplings Outdoor Preschool to offer classes in Logan (and potentially Smithfield) for the 2024-25 school year.  Saplings is owned and operated separately from Cache Valley Forest School and, therefore,  sets their own tuition rates, calendar, and family guidelines.  Our partnership allows us to offer classes across the valley!  Please click on each program above to learn more about each individiual program's unique features.

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