Forest Fridays

Homeschool Enrichment

Ages 5-15

Science comes alive in this place-based nature exploration class. Students are mentored through relevant field studies allowing them to create authentic connections within their community and local natural spaces. Students meet each week with the same group of students allowing them to build meaningful relationships with peers.

 Students meet on scheduled Fridays through out the school year.

Choose between:

9:00-12 PM or 12:30-3:30 pm

Check out our Monthly Themes for detailed information!

Class Rhythm 

Tuition Rate

The school year begins in September and ends in May with breaks scheduled for Fall, Thanksgiving, Winter, and Spring. When you sign up your child, you are committing to joining us for the entire school year.  Please see our withdrawal policy in the Family Handbook for more information.  Also, our yearly rates have not increased.  We have increased the number of weeks and the number of hours that we are meeting and have adjusted tuition accordingly.

Tuition discounts are provided for those paying in full.

Payment Options

Non-Refundable Registration fee:


This covers insurance and supplies for each student.  This must be paid up front to reserve your child's spot.

Full Year Rate:

$630: 28 Weeks

One time payment due 8/23/24.

Half Year Rate:

$672- 28 Weeks 

First payment of $336 due 8/23/24 and second payment of $336 due 1/24/25

Quarter Year Rate:

$712- 28 Weeks 

First payment of $178 due 8/23/24, second payment of $178 due 10/4/24, third payment of $178 due 1/24/25, and fourth payment of $178 due 3/14/25. 

We are an approved 3rd Party Vendor for Harmony Ed and MyTech.

Registration Opens April 24.

(Early Registration for currently families opens April 23.)