Cache Valley Forest School

Where learning is an adventure!

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Welcome to Cache Valley Forest School

We believe education should be simple, beautiful and meaningful. We strive to create connections between children and the natural world in a way that develops kinship and love with our earth and all living creatures. We mentor through child-led learning, play and placed-based education, and hands-on experiences. We believe that every child should have the opportunity to develop love and stewardship with the natural world around them.

Program Highlights

Homeschool Science

Our educational approach incorporates a balance between stimulating natural curiosity through play-based nature learning and through dynamic and engaging science lessons.  Through place-based education and meaningful field studies we strive to provide students with a drive for discovery and adventure!

Summer Camps

Adventure abounds in our unforgettable themed day camps! Step into a world of dragons, fairies and magic or dive into the heart of rugged wilderness survival.  Whatever the theme, children are assured to walk away with the knowledge of essential outdoor skills, nature connection, friendship, and lasting memories.

Specialty Courses

Enrichment courses provide an exciting opportunity to focus on specific skills in depth. Classes may include wilderness survival, outdoor cooking, foraging, bushcraft, nature journaling, nature yoga, and so much more!  No matter the class, students can expect to develop a deeper connection with nature and develop life long skills.

"We must teach our children to smell the earth, to taste the rain, to touch the wind, to see things grow, to see the sun rise and night fall- to care." - John Cleal

What is forest school?

Forest school is a progressive alternative educational model supported by research that emphasize the importance of student led learning and holistic child development in  nature based settings.  Organic learning is nurtured through children's natural drive to explore, the rhythm and flow of the seasons, and facilitated by trained and caring educators.  Forest school fosters resiliency, critical thinking skills, social development, and small and large motor development through deep connections with the natural world

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