Are we a good fit?

Are we a good fit?

Cache Valley Forest School is conducted 100% outside in all kinds of weather.  We operate in natural spaces that can be about a 25 minute dive from central Logan. We are often near bodies of water and we frequently have camp fires in colder months. Children participate in age-appropriate "risky play" such as climbing trees, crossing creeks, and playing with sticks.

Experienced mentors are trained to keep your children safe with thorough safety protocols and practices.  Mentors are experienced in child development and understand age-appropriate risk and play.  We provide a low student to adult ratio for maximized supervision. All mentors are trained in First Aid/CPR.

Our program provides many advantages and benefits to students, but this program may not be a suitable fit for students with higher physical, emotional, or mental needs.  We strive to be a highly inclusive environment, but our setting provides unique limitations and safety is our number one priority.  If you have a child with higher needs and you would like to attend with them, please contact us to discuss the situation.

For optimum success your child should be able to:

Participate with the group safely and respectfully.

Follow instructions and adhere to safety rules.

Wear a variety of clothing, often bulky in winter.

Tolerate a variety of weather conditions.

Check out our Family Handbook to learn more.

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