What is Cache Valley Forest School?

We are a community of like-minded individuals who are striving to strengthen the homeschool community through outdoor science and wilderness education.  We also offer summer camps and other short-term based classes to children through out Cache Valley from all walks of life. Classes are designed to be hands-on, relevant, engaging, and fun!  

What programs do you offer?

Class offerings are constantly growing and changing, but our program highlight is our weekly Forest Fridays, which is an outdoor science based class designed to cover science standards for homeschooling families.  We also have summer camps and seasonal classes such as Wilderness Survival, Outdoor Cooking, Yoga in Nature, Nature Journaling, and more! We are also in the process of teaming up with an established forest preschool.  

What do you cover in Forest Fridays, the homeschool science class?

Each month we have a school-wide theme that flows with the rhythm of the seasons. This is the jumping off point for our learning.  We believe that the best learning is child-led and happens through hands-on experiential opportunities.  We also believe in the importance of learning through play and natural exploration.  Part of the class is dedicated to learning science standards through place-based field studies, while the other part of class is set aside for the sacred act of "play as learning". Our mentors are excellent at maximizing learning through natural play and exploration. 

What curriculum do you use?

Curriculum has been carefully curated and developed by our licensed and experienced teachers.  Curriculum has been designed to follow a field study or place-based learning format.  Basically, students will learn naturally using the environment around them as the classroom with guidance to help focus on specific learning outcomes.  

Do you cover all science standards?

Initially it was our goal to cover all science standards and while this can be done, it detracts from being a student-led learning environment.  In our effort to truly be a student-led learning environment, we have made the decision not to cover all science standards, but rather to cover less standards in more depth.  You can see what standards we are covering by checking out our Weekly Newsletter.

Who are your mentors?

Our mentors come together with a variety of backgrounds and together we create a well-rounded diverse group of educators. Meet our team here!

Are students placed into age groups? And what ages do you take?

Forest Fridays currently offers three age groups. Junior Rangers is taught by Ms. Rachel and covers ages 5-7. Explorers is taught by Mr. Alex and covers ages 8-10. Trailblazers is taught by Ms. Christina and covers ages 11+. 

*Summer camps and specialty classes will specify the age range on the registration.

How many students are in a class? 

Class sizes are capped at 15 students for the elementary age classes and 20 students for the teenage classes.  In addition to our experienced and capable mentors, each group is assigned 1-2 volunteers.  This allows us to have 7 adults present during classes for a ratio of about 1 adult to 5 students with our youngest group and 1 adult to 7-8 students with our older groups.  

When will Forest Fridays (homeschool science classes) take place?

Fridays, of course!  For the 2023-24 school year we are holding classes on 24 Fridays throughout the year from 12:45pm-2:45pm.

We will offering both morning and afternoon classes for the 2024-25 school year!!  We will be offering 28 weeks of classes and classes will extend to 3 hours a week.  This allows us to be more child-led and less rushed.  

You can find our calendars here.

Where are classes located?

In order to hold a forest school, we need a forest!  We also want to make things as convenient as possible.  Classes will be held in various outdoor locations throughout Cache Valley.  We have students from all over Cache Valley and even some that drive in from outside of Cache Valley, therefore, we strive to keep all classes within a 25 minute drive from central Logan.

Will you ever have a permanent location?

Our goal is to eventually have a permanent location.  We'd like to build an outdoor hub for the homeschool community with a variety of offerings and classes, including family days and mom get-togethers.  We really want to create a supportive space where homeschool families can come together. In the meantime, we are looking to partner with landowners who share the vision of our school and have a forested land that we could lease. Please contact us with any leads!

Where do we register and how much is tuition?

Please check out the Enrollment Process page for more information.  Tuition can be found on each program's detailed page.

Do you accept payment from homeschool programs?

Yes!  We are approved as 3rd Party Vendors for Harmony Ed and MyTech High.

Do you cancel class for bad weather?

2023-24 school year:

Our goal is to hold class rain or shine, however for safety reasons class will be canceled for lightning storms, extreme temperatures, and high winds. If possible class will be rescheduled for another day, but this is not guaranteed. 50% refunds will be issued for days canceled due to poor weather. (The remaining 50% is kept to cover insurance, administrative costs, and teacher's prep time.)

The weather cancellation policy is subject to change for the 2024-25 school year and it will be listed in detail in our Family Handbook.

What is the withdrawal policy?

For the 2023-24 school year, please see the registration forms that you filled out.

The withdrawal policy is subject to change for the 2024-25 school year and it will be listed in detail in our Family Handbook.

Please contact us if you have further questions.